Update on Annual Meeting of the Stockholders – May 21 2014


The Board of Directors of L.O.M. Medical International Inc. (the “Company”) are pleased to report that the Annual Shareholders Meeting held in Calgary, Alberta on Friday May 16th was a great success.  Many of the over forty-five shareholders who attended personally had driven quite a distance, some from as far as B.C. and Saskatchewan to show their support and share their concerns.  We hope that the information provided to those in attendance was helpful in reassuring shareholders that the Company is moving forward in a positive manner. Given the opportunity to speak with some of the attendees, the Board is more determined than ever to fully complete our product and find the ideal vehicle to move us forward.

With respect to the items voted on per the Proxy we are pleased to report that 6,357,708 shares of Common Stock of the Company were present in person or represented by proxy at the meeting.  This amount represents 75% of the shares entitled to vote at the meeting.

All Proposals voted on received a majority of the votes in favour of the Proposals.

We would all like to extend our thanks to the shareholders and further acknowledge their patience, support and loyalty to the Company and the vision for a ground breaking technology.  We will continue to work diligently to create value in the Company and the product to benefit all shareholders as we move into the next year.

L.O.M. Medical International Inc.

Herbert R Towning
On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management