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In brief: We have not published new content for a while, but I thought this was a great opportunity to wish our readers a Happy New Year and all the best for 2018.

In this entry we give you the opportunity to hear LomMedical’s Chairman’s thoughts and plans for 2018.
He outlines why the LomMedical line of products – safety syringes – is a game changer for both health professionals and patients.

LomMedical’s auto-disable syringes – also called reuse prevention syringes or RUPs by the World Health Organization or WHO  – are specifically designed for single use. It has a patented mechanism that blocks the barrel once used, thereby assuring single-use of the needle.

The first challenge we had for making this video was to coordinate our video team, corporate communications and the CEO to Zurich just before Christmas. Once we had a date – December 22, all was set to get going.

Patrizia Sinistra show sHerbert Towning what we shot so far.

Patrizia Sinistra shows Herbert Towning what we shot so far.

We wanted Herb Towning to address 3 important points in this video:

  1. What makes the LomMedical technology a possible game changer?
  2. What advantages does LomMedical’s technology offer to doctors, health care professionals, insurers and patients?
  3. What are LomMedical’s plans for getting FDA approval during 2018 and moving to market?

Even though we had worked hard for several hours, there was enough time to have a laugh or two.

Urs E. Gattiker and Herbert Towning having fun making movies.

Urs E. Gattiker and Herbert Towning having fun making movies.

Plans for 2018

Of course, LomMedical will continue to develop their pipeline of products.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stipulated the following:

By 2020 transition to the exclusive use, where appropriate, of safety-engineered injection devices with re-use prevention and sharps (needle) injury prevention.
Making all injections safe. World Health Organizationn 2015.

Fact 1. The LomMedical line of safety-engineered syringes prevent reuse and sharps (needle) injury as a standard function.
Fact 2. Producing a large amount of syringes is the next critical step. This is another crucial step required to get things ready for our FDA application.

In this video, Herb Towning explains how LomMedical safety-engineered syringes have the potential to drastically reduce injuries for health care professionals.

PS. The video is in English. Duration is just about 4 minutes. Interesting material. Just watch.

If you want to participate in our project, please feel free to get in touch with us via e-mail: dUlansky@LomLabs.ca (just click this link)

Incidentally, LomMedical has already started to put Herb’s strategy in place. Hard work but it is needed, of course.

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  • Do you know of a case where a health professional was injured, while giving an injection?
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