Shareholder Update – July 2015


Since our last update to Shareholders in April of the progress in regards to L.O.M. Medical International Inc.’s (“L.O.M.” or “the Company”) strategy of the marketing of our Intellectual Property and Technology we are pleased to report that several of the major corporations within the Pharmaceutical Industry are progressing with various levels of initial interest and are undergoing the process of doing their due diligence.

This is a lengthy process, involving several technical, design and patent issues which cannot be rushed in order to provide the fullest data.

In tandem with these efforts and with Deloitte’s partners overseas a wider approach was begun to produce a considerable number of additional pharmaceutical and medical companies of interest to L.O.M. These newer interests are being prioritized as to their suitability with the international partners of Deloitte and L.O.M.

We are proceeding to develop a plan where demonstrations, exchange of technical, patent and other information will be provided to accelerate this interest and to evaluate which of these companies will offer the most suitable opportunities for progress with L.O.M.

As we progress and have further information, which we are able to provide, we will do so speedily.

Should you have any questions about this update, please contact us via the form on this page.