Results of the Annual Meeting of Stockholders: Dec 22, 2015


The Annual Meeting (the “Meeting”) of the Stockholders of L.O.M. Medical International Inc., a Delaware corporation Hereinafter called the “Company”) was held as scheduled on the 17th day of December 2015, at the hour of 3:00 p.m. (Vancouver Time – Pacific Time) at the Pacific Centre, Suite 901-609 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V7Y 1G5.

With respect to the items voted on per the Proxy we are pleased to report that a total of 6,237,818 shares of Common Stock of the Company were in person or represented by proxy at the meeting. This amount represents 67.50% of the shares entitled to vote at the meeting. All of the matters submitted to the shareholders for approval as set out in the Company’s notice of meeting and information circular were approved by the requisite majority of votes cast at the AGM.

Shareholders voted in favour of fixing the number of directors to be elected at the meeting at five for the ensuing year and the following incumbent directors were re-elected: Herbert Rainford Towning, Dr. Charles Clements, Alan Lawrence, Randy Hayward, and Dr. Ken Powell.

Shareholders further ratified and approved the appointment of James Stafford, Chartered Accountants, as our independent auditor for the ensuing year as well as the adoption of the Company’s 2013 Stock Option Plan and all grants made thereunder.

The following table outlines the percentage of votes as cast for the meeting.


Following the voting portion of the meeting, the Board asked for, and took questions from, the shareholders in attendance as well as gave a brief summary of questions that had been submitted through the Corporation’s website and emails. There were numerous questions posed and the Board along with Management provided answers and updates.

Following the annual general meeting, the Board of Directors re-appointed Herbert R. Towning as President & CEO, Derick Sinclair as CFO and Al Lawrence as Corporate Secretary.

The Company will also provide a brief summary of the content of the questions and answers for all shareholders shortly.

We wish you all the best over the Holiday Season and thank the Shareholders who traveled some distance to attend the meeting in person as well as those who took the time to vote their shares as part of the meeting process.

On Behalf of the Board
Herbert R. Towning
President & CEO