Provisional patent application filed for two types of Blood Collection devices – March 25 2015


The Board is pleased to report that on March 20, 2015 our patent legal firm filed a provisional patent application for two separate Blood Collection devices that use our PowerPAK gas cell technology. The first blood collection device allows the needle to be retracted after the last VacutainerTM has been filled.

The second blood collection device is a butterfly style that is extremely versatile. This device can be used to transfer blood from a subject to any desired blood collection container. Examples of blood collection containers that can be used include blood collection VacutainerTM, blood donation and blood transfusion systems and devices, blood transfer devices, catheters and intravenous (IV) systems.

The Company has also begun the design of a 1 ml retractable safety syringe using our PowerPAK gas cell technology. Following completion of the design our patent legal firm will prepare and file a provisional patent application.

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