Progress of LOM Intellectual Property marketing & Symbient product development – Aug 19, 2014


For the last few weeks Deloitte from their Edmonton offices, whom we have appointed as our advisors in the marketing of the LOM patents and Intellectual Property, have, in a very focussed and personalised manner, begun contact with the first group of the world’s leading syringe manufacturers.  This stage of the marketing process is proceeding well and will be expanded.  We will continue, as appropriate, to keep the shareholders as much informed on the arrangements with Deloitte permits.

Symbient Product Development in Vista, California, were visited by Dr Charles Clements and myself last week at which time we conducted several tests of the LOM syringe, all of which were successful with speedy retraction of the syringe needle on the completion of the plunger action.  We are now into the completion of the final version of the LOM syringe.

The Board have instructed SACMI in Des Moines, Iowa, to complete the reassembly of the LOM gas cell manufacturing apparatus which Dr Clements and I saw a couple of months ago in operation.  Whilst this is happening Symbient are making preparations for their version of the gas cell manufacturing unit.

It is hoped that this brief update will ensure shareholders appreciate that, in this very sensitive period of marketing the Intellectual Property, we have to be somewhat discreet as to what information we can release but will continue to issue updates as the opportunity arises.

Should you have any questions regarding the above update, please contact us via the form on this page.


L.O.M. Medical International Inc.
Herbert R Towning
On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management

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