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Smart syringes have been engineered so they cannot be re-used and do not lead to accidental needlestick injuries among health workers.

lomMedical devices are designed to reduce needlestick injuries.

This is done by safely retracting ¬†needles directly from the patient’s body.

A novel pneumatic technology is being used, rather than a spring or vacuum mechanism.

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Engineering Makes
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The key piece of technology which enables the action mechanism for the lomMedical safety products is the PowerPAK PLUS.

This is a novel gas release cell which, once activated, provides the necessary force to drive the needle retraction mechanism.


Safety must
come First

The design currently employed in both, the 1 mL and 3 mL syringes, features a gas release cell.

The gas cell is integrated into the needle guide.
This integration reduces the part count and lowers cost.

This feature applies to both:

  1. the fixed needle, and
  2. the detachable needle syringes.
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To shorten the time to market for the syringes, the Company has begun preparations for regulatory approval.

Our focus is to achieve a better user experience with less effort required
by practitioners.

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