Medical Industry Partners

Symbient Product Development, Vista CA (

Symbient is a mechanical product development company that specializes in medical disposable devices from a concept to a production quality product. Symbient has worked with L.O.M. management to develop our product designs and required revisions and have provided our patent firm with technical drawings and descriptions. Symbient has developed and built the prototype molds, developed and performed risk analysis procedures.

KDL Group – Shanghai Kindly Enterprise Development Group Ltd.(

KDL manufactures medical devices for major medical device companies as well as distribute products under their own brand name. L.O.M. has signed an agreement with KDL as our Original Equipment Manufacturer to first produce up to 20,000 of our 3 mL safety syringes. KDL will later produce our products in volume as required to supply our distribution network.

CE Medical(

L.O.M. has contracted CE Certification Experts as advisors and to obtain US FDA, CE Marking, and CFDA certifications for our products.
Medical Device products must be FDA certified before they can legally be put in use in the USA, CE Marking before they can be legally put into use in Europe and CFDA certified before they can be put in use in China. The products must comply with the various Directives. CE Certification Experts has the expertise for all procedures required to arrive at successful certification and offers full assistance to gain certifications of Medical Device products. CE Medical, in partnership with Certification Experts BV, is a technical and legal certification company specialized in CE and CFDA of Medical Devices.

Helvoet B.V (

Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies is internationally active in custom-made development and manufacturing of rubber and plastic precision components and assemblies. They are a manufacturer that produces products for major brand name companies throughout the world and are extremely proficient at developing production assembly lines that produce products at the lowest possible cost and highest quality.

Helvoet has completed the concept development of L.O.M’s semi-automated assembly line that will be the basis for the fully automated assembly line. This has allowed Helvoet to provide a firm maximum cost to manufacture our 3ml syringe at their Tilburg, The Netherlands production facility. The cost quoted is highly competitive with all safety syringes. L.O.M. shall contract production of our 3 ml syringe to the Helvoet facility as well as have the option to use their developed equipment for production at KDL in China and other facilities throughout the world as required.