L.O.M. pursues national phase entry for PowerPak in U.S. – April 2014


L.O.M. Medical International Inc. (“LOM” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has pursued national phase entry for its PowerPakTM modular retractable needle assembly in the United States, Europe, China and Canada, giving it patent pending status for this technology in these countries.

The invention described in this patent application is directed to allowing for connection of a single PowerPakTM assembly to corresponding syringes of any desired volume rather than requiring the manufacture of syringes with specific volumes, to facilitate more cost-effective manufacture of gas-actuated retractable-needle syringes, flexibility and convenience for the injection provider and reduction of packaging, shipping and storage space.

The company has also filed a Patent Cooperation Treaty patent application directed to a new improved gas release cell design for use in pneumatically-actuated medical devices, including in the company’s patented gas-actuated retractable needle syringes. LOM’s technology officer Lionel Matthews is co-inventor of these two inventions. All patent rights and intellectual property in and to both inventions have been fully assigned to the ownership of the company.


L.O.M. Medical International Inc. was incorporated in Delaware, USA and is a developer of medical products for the health care industry. L.O.M. Medical is the owner of all the shares of L.O.M. Laboratories Inc. (“LOM Labs”), a company registered in the Province of Alberta Canada. Micro Pneumatic Medical Devices or “MPMD” is the trade name for LOM Labs, and is also registered in Alberta.

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