Smart syringe: LOM PowerPak


The World Health Organization (WHO) uses terminology such as “smart” or safety-engineered syringes. We explain some facts and you can watch a video about LOMMI’s product, the #LOM #PowerPak retractable safety syringe.

Smart Syringe reduces needlestick injury

Auto-disable syringes are specifically designed for single use. The World Health Organisation (WHO) calls these re-use prevention syringes (RUPs).

All patients want Safe Injections. Needlestick injuries are second only to back injuries as a cause of injury to healthcare workers. Up to 1,000,000 cases needlestick injuries are estimated annually in the EU

Patended pneumatic technology

We all want safe injections because not only are needlestick injuries painful, they can also be dangerous to healthcare workers. The risk transmission of blood-borne viruses has been shown to be around 1 in 3 if the patient is Hepatitis B Virus positive, 1 in 30 if Hepatitis C Virus positive and 1 in 300 if HIV positive.

LomMedical #PowerPak safety-engineered syringe tries to help reduce this risk for injuries. It prevents the re-use of needles. For this purpose its patented syringe uses groundbreaking pneumatic technology.

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