L.O.M. Announces Appointments of Medical Appliance Syringe Manufacturer and Manufacturing Equipment Design Company


The Board of L.O.M. is pleased to announce the appointments of a major medical appliance and syringe manufacturer, and a proven European fabricator and equipment design company. They will jointly design and exclusively manufacture for L.O.M. up to 100,000 – 3ml retractable syringes. As syringes are produced, L.O.M. will apply for certification in the USA under FDA 510k Class ll; in Europe under CE Class lla; and in the People’s Republic of China under CFDA Class lll.

L.O.M. has researched the interest of qualified distributors in major syringe markets world-wide. Prior to and concurrent with syringe receipt, L.O.M. will commence marketing agreement negotiations in up to twelve exclusive global territories under provisions of the L.O.M. Development Strategy. Exclusive country-wide territorial fee and royalty income programs for the duration of the L.O.M. patent portfolio are further summarized in the “Strategic Update to Shareholders: March 16, 2016” L.O.M. website update. L.O.M.’s intellectual property ownership and prospective business sale also continue under Board evaluation.


On Behalf of the Board

Herbert R. Towning
President & CEO