L.O.M. Medical Start of 20,000 Syringe Production and Laboratory Testing for FDA, CE and CFDA Certification in July 2016.


L.O.M is now able to appoint our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to produce 20,000 3 ml interchangeable needle syringes using L.O.M. patented PowerPAK PLUS technology for Laboratory testing as required to obtain certifications for FDA in the US, CE in the European Union and CFDA in China.

Symbient Product Development in Vista CA has completed the improved 3 ml Retractable Safety Syringe design and molds. This is the first of our 2 syringes and 2 blood collection devices. Our patented technology is adaptable to work with all sizes of syringes including 1 ml and over.

L.O.M is following the established procedures as outlined by our certification consultants in Europe and America who have vast experience in obtaining CE, CFDA and FDA certification of medical products.

L.O.M Medical have met with and identified a manufacturer, specializing in OEM production on a large scale for US, European and Japanese syringe distributors. With their ISO certified production facilities we will produce a high quality and price competitive Retractable Syringe. The 20,000 syringes will be sufficient for both laboratory testing and our marketing campaign to the largest distributors throughout the world.


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Herbert R. Towning
President & CEO

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