Investor Update – Nov 4th 2014


The Board of Directors is pleased to advise that the Company’s 3rd generation patent application was filed on Friday, October 31st, 2014. We are therefore moving forward with our plans to demonstrate our retractable syringe to prospective purchasers of the Intellectual Property. This is what LOM has been working toward the past 16 years!

During this Board’s relatively short tenure, the Company has accomplished the following tasks:

  • Ended all litigation with favorable terms to LOM;
  • Has worked to secure funding that ensures the ongoing financial requirements of the Company can be met;
  • Addressed the many deficiencies that LOM had with respect to its syringe and gas cell process;
  • Completed the third generation syringe and now have an efficient and functional working model;
  • Organized an audit of the Corporations financials with a reputable audit firm in order to provide a comprehensive set of financials for shareholders and  potential purchasers;
  • Filed new patents and begun the process of developing new applications;
  • Maintained ongoing positive communication with  shareholders;
  • Created an effective unified management team;
  • Reached out to estranged shareholders creating mutually beneficial relationships with a common goal to work together to create value for ALL shareholders;
  • Retained Deloitte Corporate Finance Inc. to initiate contact with qualified possible purchasers of the Intellectual Property from the global market;
  • Created a professional website.

We are at an exciting stage of working with Deloitte, and are arranging demonstrations to be held in November for several international pharmaceutical companies that have shown interest in our syringe and Intellectual Property. At the same time, we continue to contact other companies in an ongoing effort to maximize value for the shareholders of LOM.

For further information you may contact us via the form on this page.