COMPAMED and MEDICA: 2 important trade fairs

Ralph Woloschuk

LomMedical staff attended two trade fairs in Germany.

The two fairs were MEDICA and COMPAMED. Both trade fairs were held in Düsseldorf Germany (Nov. 13-16).

We provide you with some visual impressesions from these two fairs.

We also share with you some interesting insights we obtained.


MEDICA is the world’s largest tradefair for the medical sector. It is held annually in Düsseldorf, Germany.

About 120,000 people attended this exhibition in four days between November 12-15. A larger number of people than the population of Red Deer or Lethbridge, both located in the Province of Alberta. The 120,000 attendees make up just about the people living in Kelowna (BC).

One reason for the many delegates are the more than 5,100 exhibitors that come from more than 70 countries.

This illustrates that MEDICA is a huge event and one can get lost on the exhibition grounds easily.

The people attending the fair come from business and governments, including health insurers, researchers and regulators. They represent the entire spectrum of innovations for outpatient and clinical care.

Huge crowds attending COMPAMED 2017 in Duesseldorf.

Huge crowds attending COMPAMED 2017 in Duesseldorf.


COMPAMED is the leading international trade fair for supplies to the medical-manufacturing sector. It boasts to have 750 exhibitors and people from 62 countries attending.

It is held concurrently with MEDICA in Düsseldorf on the same exhibition grounds. This makes it even more attractive to attend.

Most exhibitors are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). They use the fair to show their latest equipment to an international clientel.

Exhibitors include laboratory, manufacturing and electrical component manufacturing as well as raw material suppliers.

An example of equipment for syringe packaging shown at Compamed you can see below. 

COMPAMED 2017 in Duesseldorf, Germany. One exhibitor shows visitors a syringe packaging machine.

COMPAMED 2017 in Duesseldorf, Germany. One exhibitor shows visitors a syringe packaging machine.

What we gained from attending

These are 2 fairs where both, sellers and buyers, are in attendance.

It was valuable to attend meetings with our fully automated assembly line designer and manufacturer. As well, we had the time to talk with our preferred European production company. Also we took the opportunity to further explore the syringe packaging and printing companies exhibiting

If one would not have believed that things are changing fast, these two events showed we were on the right track. The future is about “product manufacturing, at super high speed”. To achieve this, however, automation and robotics are at center stage, needed to make these things happen. Of course, these automation and robotics trends directly affect L.O.M.

Along with thousands of other booths, KDL, our China Original Equipment Manufacturer had a significant presence with a large display.

KDL Group exhibiting in Duesseldorf.

KDL Group exhibiting in Duesseldorf.

By attending we were able to keep abreast latest market developments in the medical appliance sector. We were also able to see what our competition is up to. As well, we took this opportunity to build new relationships and further engage with our partners and possible distributors.

Of course, being on site allows us to talk about our developments regarding our smart syringe. For instance we were able to discuss how our safety-engineered syringe benefits from a lower plunger push button force. All this thanks to our engineering efforts that people in the industry would like to know about.

So all in all, this was a very helpful and educational overseas trip for us.

PS. MEDICA and COMPAMED 2018 will be held from November 12-15.


  • What was the best experience you have had attending a big fair?
  • Have you attended MEDICA and / or COMPAMED in the past?

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