European Patent Granted – Feb 16 2015


The Board is pleased to announce that on January 21, 2015, it received the official grant of the European patent for the second-generation syringe, patent number 1786496. This patent is therefore approved in 28 European countries including the UK. The patent application process is a multi-year process and as with the success of the second-generation syringe patent we look forward to receiving the official grant of our third generation syringe, which will extend the expiry dates into 2035.

As our last update states, we have also filed for the improved PowerPAK Plus Provisional Patent and we are in the process of filing a Provisional Patent Application for two blood collection devices using the LOM Retractable Sharps Technology. Both the PowerPAK Plus and the two blood collection devices were co-invented by the engineers at Symbient Product Development Inc. and Ralph Woloschuk.

We also advise that we continue to make steady progress with Deloitte Corporate Finance Inc. in the marketing of the Intellectual Property to leading syringe manufacturers.

During the week of February 9, by invitation only we held three successful fund raising presentations in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. The syringe was demonstrated several times using an orange, much like our web site video, and performed flawlessly.

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