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Debbie Ulansky

As you know, our safety-engineered syringe, reduces risk of needlestick injury, unsafe injection and getting a virus, thereby stopping  disease transmission. In the process of getting things to the market, we wanted to put the right management in place.

Thus we have appointed a new president and CEO for LomMedical.
We tell you a bit about the process the board went through to choose our new CEO.

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the company has unanimously approved the appointment of Guy D. Reynolds to take over as President and CEO of L.O.M.

This is conditional on a successful capital raise due to close in April and subject to his existing contractual commitments.
The L. Board

Guy D Reynolds

Guy Reynolds is the Chairman and Non-executive Director for VCP Advisors Ltd and Chief Executive Officer of LOC, leaders in oncology care. LOC is part of HCA Healthcare UK (Hospital Corporation of America – HCA).

The LOC is a best in class cancer treatment business operating in 7 locations across the UK. In addition He was also appointed CEO for all of urology services across the entire group. Guy was a Board member of The Physicians Clinic and Vice President for all Cancer Services across HCA International.

Mr Guy Reynolds graduated from Oxford University, St Catherine’s College with a 2:1 Honours Degree in Jurisprudence and Qualified as a solicitor in the supreme courts of England and Wales Focussing on General Corporate Law, including Private Equity, ECM and M&A with Linklaters LLP

Guy worked with Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) Limited, as an associate in the Equity Corporate Finance team and is an approved Person for the FSA (CISI 1 and 2).

Mr Reynolds experience also includes restructuring, IPO’s, rights issues and public and private M&A transactions.

I had the opportunity to ask Herb some questions (see below) about Guy’s appointment.  I think his answers should interest you.

Herb, why did you and the board decide to look for a new President and CEO?

LomMedical has evolved in the medical device sector into a potentially significant entity. Because of this growth, it was important that the company stays current with the progress it has achieved.

We decided that L.O.M. needed a person with contacts both in the medical and finance sector. We also wanted an individual that brought experience in the medical industry to the table and had the necessary business acumen.

How did you go about finding the right fit for LOM?

We started our search last year. We used our contacts and social networks for spreading the word in the industry.

It took some time and effort, of course. Nevertheless, thanks to these efforts we ended up with a few qualified candidates.

Guy Reynolds brings an impressive résumé. But as importantly, he comes with a track record that is important to make sure that we continue executing our plans as timely as possible. What the board liked about Mr. Guy Reynolds’ candidacy was the importance he put upon keeping shareholders informed and in the loop.

Will you ride off into the sunset, Herb?

Nice thought, Debbie 🙂

No, as I pointed out in our video that we published early this year, there are a few things left for me to accomplish. Our smart syringe with sharps injury and reuse prevention still needs to get regulatory approval.

For instance, I will continue with L.O.M as the Chairman of the board. In this capacity, I will be working closely with Mr. Guy Reynolds and the L.O.M. team.

In our video I outlined our plans for 2018. There are a few important things we want to accomplish this year. Helping with these and focusing on strategy, will keep me busy. Moreover, Guy and I will have to plan and execute some future steps.

Herbert Towning sketching out plans for the Smart syringe with sharps injury and reuse prevention.

Herbert Towning sketching out plans for the Smart syringe with sharps injury and reuse prevention.

Join the discussion: Your opinion matters

Thanks to Herb for this interview.

All what is left for me to write down is that we like to hear from you what you think (#CEOsecrets) ?

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  • Dave Percifield

    Great news!! Shows significant progress is being made in the evolution of LOM.

    Welcome aboard Mr. Reynolds. Looking forward to seeing how you increase the value of LOM!

  • Michael Assaf

    You know what Debbie, I have been a shareholder for about 17 years and have been getting the company emails for that length of time and all I want to hear is that YES WE ARE GOING TO GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK in one form or another.

    Every couple of years or so, we get emails about how well everything is progressing or there is a new president or a new CEO or whatever.

    All I want is to get my money back as 17 years ago I put my faith in you guys and you have done nothing but steal my money. If you had any idea what the right thing to do is, you would give us something for our shares and you be the one that makes the big profit.

    I am sure I will be buried and gone someplace before that happens.

    • Debbie Ulansky
      Debbie Ulansky

      Dear Mr. Assaf,

      Thanks for sharing this. I appreciate that you have been a shareholder for about 17 years. THANK YOU!

      That is quite a long time and as a long-time shareholder myself, I do empathize with your concerns. It is unfortunate, that we can do very little if anything about the past. But on a positive note we can do things now that will propel us forward to and outcome that is good for all shareholders.

      What happened 17 years ago is that you invested in a start-up company. And of course, as we all know, many do not make it through the valley of death. The UK government has pointed out this dilemma in a very interesting report that we discussed in one of our previous blog entries:
      Walk through the Valley of Death – just click

      The Board is of the opinion that this strengthening of the LomMedical top management with Mr. Guy Reynolds will further tip the balance and get us moving toward a successful market launch that much faster as he adds considerable strength to our team.

      Mr. Reynolds will help us to position ourselves better in the market and help us to achieve a market ready product. We are just about there.

      You and I have been investors for a long time and both of us want the company to succeed ad see a return on our investment.
      I am very hopeful that we will be in the position soon to applaud his and the management team’s efforts.

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