Board of Directors

President & CEO

Herbert Towning is a British Merchant Banker. He was educated at Nottingham University and The London School of Economics and Political Science. After graduation he entered Banking and Financial Services in the City of London.

He later left the UK for an International Banking career in Europe, US, Canada, the Bahamas and the Arabian Gulf. His career extended to Private Equity where he was a partner. He continues his activities in business development and private equity.

Director of Technical Development

Charles Clements is a public health physician who currently is the Executive Director of the Carr Center for Human Rights at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Clements is also an adjunct lecturer in public policy and a faculty member of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.

Prior to his positions at Harvard Kennedy School, Clements had a longstanding and world-renowned career focused on advocacy, human rights and humanitarian assistance. During that career, Clements founded and ran numerous organizations and he is the recipient of many prestigious awards. In addition to his general business and investment experience, for the past thirty years, Clements has served on numerous not-for-profit boards of directors.

Prior to commencing his career, Clements received several prominent degrees: (i) a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the United States Air Force Academy in 1967; (ii) a Master of Science Degree in Operations Management from UCLA’s School of Business in 1968; (iii) a Doctor of Medicine Degree from University of Washington in 1980; and (iv) a Master of Public Health Degree from the University of Washington in 1980.

Corporate Secretary

Alan Lawrence has been contracted to Pajak Engineering Ltd. as a Completions Superintendent for the past ten years.

Pajak Engineering is a private company headquartered in Calgary, Canada specializing in oil and gas well drilling and completion supervision and project management throughout the world. In addition to his work at Pajak, Lawrence has founded two companies, Pembina Consultants Ltd. and Deep Basin Well Servicing Ltd. Deep Basin Well Servicing at the time was one of the largest independent oilfield service rig contractors north of Edmonton, Canada. Lawrence is a former Director and Secretary of MCB Investments Corp., where he served on the audit committee.

Lawrence also served as President of a subsidiary company, MCB Cardsafe Systems Ltd. In addition, he has served on several boards of directors of not-for-profit companies and civic organizations. Lawrence received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta.

Director of Medical Affairs

Ken Powell is a dentist located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has been practicing general dentistry for over forty years. In addition to his dentistry practice, Powell has experience as a director and officer of public companies.

From December 2002 to September 2012, Powell served as President, CEO and Director of Titan Trading Analytics Inc., a financial services company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia that trades on the TSX Venture Exchange.

In addition, from 2003 until June 15, 2012, Powell served as President and CEO of Firestone Ventures Ltd., a Canadian mining company headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that trades on the TSX Venture Exchange.

Board Member

Eric Andreasen is the Senior Vice president of Adera Development Corporations, senior operational manager who is responsible for all aspects of corporate business. Prior to this Eric has held many positions with company’s developing short term and long term goals, budget performance, marketing / advertising strategy and market intelligence. He was the Founder and Broker of CLIC Realty Inc., Calgary. His Post Secondary Education was with “University of British Columbia, Vancouver B.Sc. Cell Biology (Published)”