Raising new capital: The facts

We are strengthening our capital base. Our CEO Guy D. Reynolds explains in this blog entry. He shares with you the details about our capital funding round.

Board Announcement

We are strengthening our top management. We decided as planned to split the CEO and Chairman role. We share with you some of our experiences on this journey through the recruiting process.

Safety syringe: Toward market readiness

How we got plunger pressure further down by 10% Reduced injectionable medication waste near zero. We share some of our experiences on this journey through the "valley of death".

LomMedical video: CEO Herbert Towning

We spell our our plans for 2018. Our CEO shows you the product We love to hear your comments.... and yes we have already begun to make these plans happen.

COMPAMED and MEDICA: 2 important trade fairs

Attending trade fairs is important and exhausting. A short report about our trip to Germany, Düsseldorf. We tell you what we gained, learned and saw regarding syringes and manufacturing [...]

Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.