April Quarterly Update

Debbie Ulansky

Dear All,
As promised, a quarterly update to keep everyone informed as to where we are as a management team. A further update will follow in a few weeks when I have some results that I am waiting for.

  • Our funding remains confirmed and is expected to close imminently. The initial delay has been frustrating, but we are absolutely confident that these delays are over and we are on the right path. Further, we know we have the right partner to drive our business where we all know it will go.
  • We have worked hard to continue progress with the FDA approval and this remains on track to be achieved Q3 this year. Together with our designers and engineers, Tool Box, LPS our mould makers in China, KDL our OEM, and Knoell our FDA advisors, a time table with achievable milestones to FDA submission has been established.
  • We have finalized our due diligence process with the best mould manufacturers and OEM companies to suit our purposes. As a result of this our cost price per unit continues to fall and we have selected excellent partners to produce our final versions.
Getting to the summit is hard work.

Getting to the summit is hard work.

  • We have frozen our production design for the syringe and are doing the final tests at the moment to ensure it meets all FDA standards.
  • We have been in touch with our main shareholders who continue to be very supportive and positive about this excellent product and company.
  • We have some exciting board announcements coming up. As we look to grow our expertise, we have approached and secured some industry experts.

I look forward to seeing you all soon and announcing formally some of these major events.
Speak soon and I can’t wait to update you all further.

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  • Craig LaPointe

    Thanks for the update Guy. Hope we get there sooner than later. It’s been a long hall for me…. over 20 years so I feel very optimistic that you and your team can get us over the hump and cash in our pockets. We are all depending on you to make this a reality.

  • Pam Butler

    Great to here the update and things continue to move in the right direction

  • Tina Pitcher

    Thanks for the update. Like Craig, I have been invested for over 20 years and certainly looking forward to some long awaited results.
    Thanks again.

    • Debbie Ulansky
      Debbie Ulansky

      Thanks Tina, Pam and Craig for your comments.

      L.O.M. most certainly is moving in the right direction and it has been a long time for shareholders, specially those who invested in L.O.M. when it was still in the concept stage.

      It is for sure that the management team under the direction of Guy is continually moving us towards our ultimate goal of seeing our product on the market and a return for our Shareholders.


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