About L.O.M. Medical International

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OUR MISSION — “To reduce the spread of infection and disease caused by accidental needle stick injuries or intentional reuse of syringes, by developing innovative pneumatic, hypodermic single use “smart” retractable syringes and blood collection devices capable of economic mass production.”


The L.O.M. products provide superior technology design that will dramatically decreases needle stick injuries from immunizations delivery and other use that may result in the transmission of communicable diseases, and thus reduces the loss of life, illness and costs associated with needle stick injuries worldwide.

L.O.M. currently has 5 products engineered with the revolutionary new gas cell technology. Our focus is to provide unique and cost effective pneumatic single use “smart” retractable safety syringe products that have been designed to drastically reduce the risk of accidental needle stick injuries while minimizing the space required to safely dispose of the syringe after use. Thus L.O.M. is meeting the needs of the medical industry, practitioners, patients and the environment.


L.O.M. Medical Int. and L.O.M Laboratories is a privately owned, innovative company based in Canada that has developed a revolutionary new technology in the medical appliance sector.


Providing innovative new economical products to meet the needs of the medical industry, practitioners, patients and the environment with high integrity and excellence.

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