exclusive pneumatic technology


Safety-engineered syringe

Using “Smart” syringes

Reduces needlestick injuries.
Auto-disabling prevents their re-use.
Better protects health workers against accidental needlestick injury and consequent exposure to infection.

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L.O.M. Medical International Inc. and L.O.M. Laboratories Inc. (together “lomMedical”) is a privately owned medical device development company in Canada.

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Our devices are designed to reduce needlestick injuries. This is accomplished using our novel pneumatic technology that safely retracts the needle into the hollow syringe plunger directly from the patient’s body. Needles that exit a patient’s body retain fluids that may be contaminated.

Safety-Engineered Syringes

Safety First

World Health Organization (“WHO”) recommends “smart” syringes for injections having features preventing their re-use, lowering risk for injuries and infections. Our patented syringe technology prevents re-use of the device.

Our video

View a demonstration video of the 3rd generation
LOM Syringe.

This video shows how the unique retraction technology works. A propellant release cell provides the energy to retract the needle inside the plunger rather than a stainless steel spring or vacuum mechanism.


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