Our Products

The Retractable Syringes

L.O.M. Medical has developed pneumatic retractable needle syringes that offer superior protection against post-injection needle stick injuries. After injection, continued forward movement of the plunger causes activation of our proprietary gas cell technology that retracts the needle into the plunger where it is locked in place. The gentle activation pressure and controlled needle retraction allow the needle to be safely retracted from within the patient.
The photo below shows the 3 ml syringe. We also have produced our 1 ml prototype using the same gas cell technology that can be adapted for 5 ml, 10 ml or larger size syringes

The PowerPAK PLUS (Download Brochure)

The PowerPAK PLUS patent pending technology adapts each size syringe to use various gauge needles. For example, an 18 gauge blunt needle can be used to draw medicament and a finer 23 gauge needle can then be used for injection.

The Butterfly Style Blood Collection Device.

This small-scale device is similar to blood collection devices used in hospitals where a Vacutainer™ style receiver is connected to the blood collection device with a tube. After one or more vials are filled the caregiver then presses the two finger grips to cause the needle to retract directly from within the patient making it an extremely safe device.

The Straight Tube Blood Collection Device

This device accepts Vacutainer™ style vials directly into its barrel. After one or more vials are filled the caregiver then presses the last vial forward to cause the needle to gently retract directly from within the patient making it an extremely safe device.

The Gas Cell

Two versions of our gas cell technology have been developed to provide the energy to retract the needle of the syringe into the plunger after injection. This proprietary gas cell technology can be self contained for multiple applications or integrated into a component as in our syringes and blood collection devices.

Status of Product Development

3rd Generation Syringes: The development and our single cavity metal prototype molds for the 3 mL retractable needle safety syringe using the PowerPAK PLUS interchangeable needle technology are undergoing Risk Analysis test required for FDA certification applications in US and CE Mark in Europe. These prototype molds have been received by KDL, our Original Equipment Manufacturer in China and will be used to produce 3,000 syringes, of which 1000 will be sent to Smithers in the UK for independent certification testing and up to 2,000 will be used for pre-marketing to interested distributors.

The 1 mL fixed needle design has been developed and working prototypes manufactured using the soft mold process. The 5 mL and 10 mL syringes will be developed in the future using most of the parts as the 3 mL PowerPAK PLUS design.

The Two Blood Collection devices have been designed and a Butterfly version working prototype has been manufactured using the soft mold process.

Patent Protection

Oyen Wiggs Green and Mutala of Vancouver, B.C. is one of the leading firms in the areas of Patent Protection and Intellectual Property Rights. L.O.M. has retained their services since 2008 for all our patent applications and ongoing patent maintenance services.